Escape Room In A Box

ROLE: Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Production, and Product Design.

A 60-90 min cooperative game where 2-8 players solve puzzles, crack codes & find hidden clues to thwart a mad scientist's plot.

Escape Room In A Box came to our Product Development team as an inventor submission. The product was first developed by Juliana Patel & Ariel Rubin and successfully backed on Kickstarter. Upon taking on the project we worked very closely with Juliana and Ariel to maintain the authenticity of what they had started.

What I Created:
• Branding
• Vector Illustrations
• Art Style
• Packaging
• Graphics for Approximately 50 Paper Puzzles / Components
• 20 Page Hint Book
• 20 Page Answer Book

I have blurred out the final graphics from the artwork below because they could definitely spoil some of the game. If you would like to view assets in detail please ask.

Escape Room In A Box
Escape Room In A Box
Escape Room In A Box
Escape Room In A Box